Child Development


At HighPointe Academy we are doing more than just operating a childcare center; we are developing young children for the cause of Christ benefiting the world. Our primary goal is to honor God in everything we do. We can be servant leaders and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by engaging in our children’s lives and developing their Christian Faith and character.

 HighPointe Academy demonstrates a philosophy of Early Childhood Christian Education that above all is built upon the strong foundation of Jesus Christ and His Word. As an early education center, we are committed to nurturing and supporting the growth of children physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually in the following ways:


Our academy provides a controlled-access security system, as well as safety within and outside of the classroom. Large rooms, an indoor and outdoor playground, and a multi-purpose room provide activity space appropriate for gross motor skill development and active learning. A strong health policy and nutritious diet demonstrate a commitment to the wellbeing of each child.


Because 80% of a child’s learning is established during the first five years of life, our Christian curriculum provides hands-on learning experiences and activities for preschoolers from age six weeks to six years. Our focus is process-oriented, rather than product-oriented. Children learn foundational skills to support a lifetime of learning in an environment where learning is both exciting and engaging and produces beneficial skills that they will subconsciously use for the rest of their lives.


We believe preschoolers learn through play. Learning activities are provided to develop and nurture the interaction of each preschooler with their teacher and friends.


Our classrooms provide emotional stability by providing consistent and loving teachers in all classes, consistent routines within the context of the classroom, and the encouragement of strong parental involvement resulting in the partnership of home and school.


We believe spiritual foundations are being formed during the preschool years that will provide a basis from which children will draw in later childhood and throughout life. Preschoolers are taught that Jesus loves them and Jesus is their friend. Foundations are being built to recognize Jesus as Savior. Bible stories and biblical truth are a primary part of the curriculum we teach. It is upon this foundation of Truth we pray our preschoolers will later pattern their lives.