We teach the A Beka Book curriculum to our children.  You want methods and materials that work. That’s what you’ll find with A Beka Book—comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective. Now more than ever, each child needs a strong foundation in both academics and character; we’re here to help children with the knowledge and skills they need.


For over forty years, A Beka Book has provided materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give you all the tools needed to make learning interesting and memorable.


We have chosen A Beka Book with confidence; each subject’s content comes from the work of skilled, dedicated scholars who have conducted primary research. See your children achieve the academic excellence and moral character that leave them equipped for life, just like over one million children developing into lifelong learners with A Beka every year.


There are six core directives that come with A Beka Book.


The Bible – The foundation for all learning.

Reading -The means by which each person may learn for himself or herself.

History - A realistic view of time, government, geography, and economics based on eternal truths.

Mathematics - The study of logic and order to apply to science and daily life.

Science/Health - The investigation of variety, order, and reasonableness revealed in creation.

English - The study of language and communication in a structured, reasonable, and well-articulated manner.

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The A Beka Difference

Gardening - In the spring of each year we teach the children about growing plants.  We have 4 garden boxes  where the children grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  They learn how plants grow and learn responsibilities of tending to the gardens to keep the plants healthy.  In late summer and fall we harvest our fruits and vegetables and celebrate the good work that has been done.