Nutrition, Health & Safety


Early childhood professionals promote physical and mental health, appropriate nutrition and provide an emotionally and physically safe environment for young children in partnership with their families. Sound health, safety, and nutritional practices provide the foundation for development and learning. Good nutrition is critical to the overall development of young children. Meals and snacks encourage good nutrition and eating habits. A safe environment prevents and reduces injuries for young children who are only beginning to recognize dangerous situations.


Many of our menu items are made-from-scratch wholesome recipes by award winning chefs.  We use organic ingredients whenever possible.  At HighPointe Academy, we believe that nutritionally sound meals are the fuel that supports growth and brain development. Our menu is nutritionally balanced exceeding federal guidelines (USDA) and provides wholesome meals that support healthy growth. It is our goal to provide a variety of wholesome meals and snacks that are nutritious, safe, developmentally appropriate and properly portioned for young children. We view our approach to be another "teachable moment" that will help children live a healthy lifestyle and prepare them for early child development and learning.


We believe that physical activity is essential in a child’s development. Physical activity learned in early childhood can become habits and last a lifetime.  More and more evidence shows that children who are active tend to have fewer behavioral and disciplinary problems, do better in school, and have longer attention spans in class.

 Physical activity also helps children:

·        Build confidence

·        Decrease stress and depression

·        Develop and maintain strong bones

·        Develop good sleep habits

·        Develop motor skills and build strength, flexibility and endurance

·        Have less behavioral and disciplinary problems

·        Have longer attention spans and better performance in school

·        Improve social skills and brain development

·        Stay at a healthy weight

·        Think, develop quick reflexes and learn to work as a team player


At HighPointe Academy - Thornton, given the uncertainty of Colorado weather, we have two indoor and two outdoor playgrounds given the uncertainty of Colorado’s weather. One of our indoor playgrounds also transforms into a dance studio with ballet bars and mirrors.  We also offer an after school soccer, yoga and gymnastics program.  In addition, we have a piano where the children can learn to play at an early age.  All of this can be accomplished during the day so that more of your weekends can be spent enjoying other activities with your little ones.


At HighPointe Academy, we promote safety with a state-of-the-art fingerprinting check in/out system for all families.  We have cameras in every room to ensure the truth is always available.  Finally we have an integrated communications system to communicate emergency situations immediately should the need arise.