“I can’t express in words how much we appreciate you providing this amazing, warm, caring, nurturing, learning environment for our daughter since she was an infant.  We have always felt assured that she was in excellent care while we were at work and this is one of the greatest gifts a parent could ask for.”

 “HUGE” thanks to an “AMAZING” group.


 The Mendez Family

"Our toddler has been enrolled in this center since he was seven weeks old. From his personal transition from infant to baby to toddler and the center's transition to new management, we've been so pleased with our experience. The center has a warm, home-like feeling that is suitable for its most important guests, the little ones. It is difficult for any parents to leave their child in the hands of others while off making a livelihood, but the personable approach of the staff and teachers at this center tremendously helps to appease concerns. We appreciate the family who runs the center keeping us in the loop regarding the happenings at the management level as well as the special care and attention we feel our son gets on a personal level. We are happy thus far with our experience and would recommend this center to others." 

Thanks so much,


“I want to thank you so much for taking such excellent care of my daughter. It really gives me a great peace of mind to know she is in such good hands when in your care.”

 Thanks again,

 The Woods Family

“Thank you for being such a huge part of our son’s life for the last 5 years.

 We truly appreciate your Center helping our son grow as an infant in Ms. Crystal, Ms. Ling and Ms. Jen’s classes all the way up to a thriving Kindergartener in Ms. Kathleen’s class.

 Your organization and all the people in it have become a 2nd family to us. You have treated our son as if he were your own child and have taught him life lessons along the way.

 We will miss you dearly. Thank you for all you’ve done.”


 The Messick Family

“Our daugther went to HighPointe Academy since she was 9 months old until our recent move out of the state and she is 4 now.  Our last day at this childcare facility was one of the hardest days because we were so sad to go.  They treated our daughter like she was their own and she woke up everyday excited and eager to go to school.  We have put our daughter in a new preschool and they can't believe how smart she is already thanks to the dedicated staff at HighPointe.  I was a first time mom with no family in Coloardo and I would reach out to the staff for advice and they were always happy to help and even give me a Kleenex for days I was upset.  i cannot thank them enough for all they have done for my daughter and for us a family.  I truly miss them all and my daughter does too.  I highly recommend this facility for childcare.  Your children will be loved, they will be safe, they will be educated, and they will have fun!”

 The Eley Family

“We’ve entrusted both of our babies’ care to the nursery and have been very pleased. The nursery is always clean and well-organized, and the nursery staff is warm and friendly and they genuinely care for our babies. As they have grown, we have been impressed with how much they learn in the nursery at such a young age. We feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful environment where we can leave our children.”

 The Williams Family

“From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate everything you do for our family. We appreciate your caring and loving work ethic and your flexibility for our crazy schedules. You are truly one of a kind child care.”

 With love,

The Guerra Family

 “I cannot express how blessed we have been to have your help in teaching our son. He first came to you when he was about a year and a half. He has had many wonderful teachers during all his time.

 You have been there for him day in and day out, guiding him to love our Lord, learn academics, know right from wrong and to be a good friend. He will always have the love you have taught him in his heart.

 May God bless many more children with your loving way of teaching! God bless all the teachers and staff as well as your families.”

 With love,

 The Totten Family

"Our family had a very bad experience at the last preschool that we had our son in and we prayed really hard for God to bring us to a school that we could feel confident and trust taking our son to.  That is when we found HighPointe Academy and what a miracle it has been.  My son is in the preschool class and he has been going there for about 4 months now and he has already learned how to write his entire name, how to sound out all the letters of the alphabet, and is even starting to sound out and read short words.  Along with how much he has grown educationally, he has also grown spiritually which is so important to us.  This school has been such a blessing to not only our son but our entire family.  Isaiah wakes up so excited to go to school every single day and he is always excited to tell me about his day when I pick him up.  His teacher, Ms. Melina, and all of the staff are absolutely wonderful; there are no words to express what they mean to us.  I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for somewhere to take their child.  Again, it has been such a blessing to our whole family and there are no words to express our amount of gratitude."

The Koch Family